The United Kingdom is considered, due to its global economic weight and its advantageous tax system, one of the most attractive European areas for establishing commercial and financial relations.

Its currency (pound sterling) is considered one of the reference currencies at the international financial level, which generates high exchange stability and reduces irrigation in commercial transactions.

The United Kingdom has high legal certainty, both national and international, which is exemplified by the fact that it is one of the countries that meet the international standards and requirements established by the OECD and the FATF. In addition, its legislative framework is a model for many other countries, mainly those belonging to the Commonwealth. One of the main advantages of the United Kingdom is the speed of the process: it only takes 13 days to start a business in the UK. The European average is 32 days, which puts the country at the head of Europe and in sixth place in the world. The environment is favourable for foreign investors thanks to low taxes. London is one of the most important financial capitals in the world.

Once they have established themselves in the country, foreign companies receive exactly the same treatment as British companies. Within the EU, the British government is a great defender of the rights of all companies registered in the register of British companies, regardless of their nationality or that of their owner.

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